Web site content popularity is optimized by detailing: Keywords and Phrases, Search Engines, Site Optimization, Ad Campaigns, Social Media

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Internet Marketing

Lecticom offers affordable professional internet marketing and advertising services which integrates architectural design principles with online marketing promotion strategies.


Search Engines

Part of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) technologies is to optimize keyword terms and phrases. Through market research and investigation of various SEO components and implementing them strategically, Lecticom shifts the focus to your portion of your marketing potential.

More search engines are not always the best tactic. Also, what you may think are perfect words and phrases may not be used by your target market. Even the best designed web sites are only successful if the target audience finds it. Strategic, powerful and long lasting search engine strategy is the key to your lasting success.

Lecticom Services provides web site analysis and active implementation while monitoring the search engines and internet popularity. Doing a detailed marketing analysis and web site tracking is a comprehensive and time intensive task. Progress and statistics are continually adjusted and perfected. We will make suggestions and enact plans to keep you in the top of the rankings and visible to your customers.

Optimization Strategies

  • Keyword and Phrase investigation
  • Meta Index configuration
  • Assessing and establishing link popularity
  • Internet analysis of your competition
  • Tactical web design to maximize effectiveness
  • Regular search engine submissions


Additional Promotion Strategies

  • Paid placement campaigns
  • Directories
  • Permission marketing strategies
  • Tips on viral marketing
  • Repeat traffic generators
  • Publication resources
  • Email - mailing list campaigns
  • Groups, clubs, message forums
  • Facebook, social media setup, Facebook promotions with posts